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Dealer Servicing V/s. Non-Dealer Servicing – Which Is Preferable?

Dealers are pioneering the first destination to get a call for a car’s sales, service, and parts.  The reputed car manufactures have an established network of dealers, and car owners use the one close to the house.

The disparity between dealers and the local garage is because of taxes on:

· Cost of labour

· Cost of parts

· Profit slab

The car manufacturers give you the flexibility of having the car serviced at the dealer of your choice, even though it will be far away. In case of warranty, the well-established dealer's competence to stock spare parts and procure parts from the company are better streamlined. Parts in the warranty are replaced by the dealer without any charges. Smaller dealers dislike investing money and time on costly parts.

The market on-demand now has established non-dealer garages which are well equipped with genuine spare parts procured from the primary dealer. These private garages are we…

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An insight into the Australian outdoor advertising world: Why are brands going gaga over it?

When you think of outdoor advertising, the first thing that comes to your mind must be a huge billboard with vibrant colours somewhere in the city or on a highway. But the concept of outdoor advertising is much wider than mere billboards. With the passage of time, we have seen various advertising alternatives come and go. But outdoor marketing and its various branches such as mobile advertising solutions, have managed to set a benchmark with its effectiveness and the return on investment gained from it.

Nowadays, people are mostly out of their homes either commuting for work or traveling. Hence, outdoor ads. advertising is the best way for a brand to reach out to a maximum number of audience. They are hard to ignore, unlike radio or television ads which can be shut off. You will never find yourself walking past an appealing billboard without paying attention to what it has to say.

The impact of outdoor advertising

The ads you see on social …

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Should You Choose Wooden Furniture For Your Home?

Your home is a reflection of your lifestyle and personal style. You design and decorate it to make sure it stands out and looks unique. When it comes to exquisitely, nothing resonates quite like custom made timber furniture. Timber is one such material that speaks class and looks unique. Something that makes it a very sought after material is its versatile feature. Timber slabs can be transformed into any furniture piece of your choice. Once you work with timber, you will come to know why custom made timber furniture is so popular in Brisbane. The way you nurture your house is the way you choose to express yourself to the outer world. So why not design bespoke furniture that matches your style?

Furniture that suits your style

Wooden furniture can be customized according to your preference and available space. When your furniture is made as per your requirements, you don't have to compromise on its functionality or style. You know your lifestyle needs the…

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