Unfortunately, many Perth business owners don’t have a very good understanding about SEO. In fact SEO is very mysterious to them. For all they know is that they need SEO to have better keyword rankings to come up high on the search results page on Google. Because they don’t understand SEO and how much work it entails when done properly, they look for cheap seo perth on Google and they find providers that offer SEO services from $300-400/month.

Unfortunately, a provider that offers SEO for only $400/month does either of these things:

1) They don’t spend much time on your SEO at all because you can only do so much with a $400 budget. If you’re lucky they might optimise your website content a little bit from time to time and make a few directory submissions. However, what is almost certain is that they’re not going to build valuable backlinks to your website and believe it or not, it is the second most important ranking factor when it comes to SEO. Building backlinks is very time consuming and requires a lot of efforts to find link building services india opportunities, to write content and to get webmasters to publish that content. They might get you some low quality backlinks but these are not going to move the needle on your rankings, unless you’re in an industry that is not competitive at all. Worst of all, these providers will find every excuse in the world as to why your rankings haven’t improved yet and they just try keep you on board as long as possible. In fact there are many agencies in Perth I could name here that do exactly that, but I’m not going to publicly shame anyone here.

2) They outsource the SEO to a third-world country. India is very popular for SEO outsourcing. They make you believe that your SEO is done in-house, but as a matter of fact everything is done by the outsourcing company. The big risk with that is that those companies might use PBNs and other black hat backlink techniques which can seriously hurt your SEO and rankings. You could even end up with a Google penalty on your website and it is extremely hard to recover from that.

So how much should you expect to pay for SEO by a professional agency that provides an honest approach to SEO?

The minimum amount required to do a great job at SEO is between $900-1500/month. At Museproject, we wouldn’t even consider anything less than that because if we were to charge less than that, we would be lying to our clients about the possible results we could get them. It would mean to neglect our morals like so many SEO agencies already have. We prefer an honest approach to SEO.

Always remember this very true saying “You get what you pay for”.

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