Australia is a popular destination among international students. It has a lot to offer like good education, balanced lifestyle, plenty of places to visit and a truly multicultural crowd. Do you know? More than 3 cities in Australia have been rated as the most livable cities in the world for many years. It is the 3rd most popular destination for international students after the USA and the UK. From automotive, engineering to trade courses, in Australia, these courses are popular and preferred by those coming to the country for the betterment of education. The requirement of jobs and settlement in the field of trading, construction and road fixing is high and has many better opportunities. Some of the other industries include automotive and electro-technology as well. This article goes on to provide an insight into the skilled trade course on offer here.

Popular Trade Courses in Australia

There are several educational institutes offering trade courses in Australia. The added benefit of opting for such courses is that they also improve your chances at gaining employment and getting a PR. Other courses that improvises the chances of PR for Australia are automotive courses, carpentry, electrical engineering, boat building, bricklaying, plastering, air conditioning & refrigeration, chef, and several others. Listed here are some of the popular courses:

  •  Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation
  • Diploma of Information Technology Systems Administration
  • Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology
  • Diploma of Automotive Technology

Besides being in high demand these courses also open the doors to employment and PR. The way this works is once you have completed a trade course that is on the medium and long term strategic skills list (MLTSSL). On completion of this course, you can apply for the 485 visa which is a graduate work visa that is valid for 18 months after undertaking an academic course of 2 years or more. This visa allows students to live, study and work in Australia. Those who are interested in applying for PR are also benefited by this.

Why Opt for Vocational Courses?

Vocational courses like those offered at TAFE institutes provide a more practical approach to training like the engineering courses in Brisbane as well as the Automotive ones. This helps prepare one with special skills for their job and also sets them up for further education as per their interest. Several students prefer vocational courses over a university degree. Some of the reasons for this include that it helps prepare one for the job they are interested in faster and also increase the chances of getting hired. Such students tend to start work with a higher salary as well and improve their prospects of earning big. Some of the other benefits of opting for such courses include that they cost less and are more flexible.

Benefits of Trade Courses in Australia

The trade industry happens to be one of the industries with the highest growth. There is a high demand for skilled trade workers as well. These courses are comparatively cheaper, more flexible and of lesser duration. It involves a more practical approach to training, besides which on completion of the course the candidate has a better chance of getting a PR. Those interested in working here, have a better chance of getting employment after this type of course and gaining a higher salary.

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