Customised apparel is no longer something that requires a big effort to order. Custom apparel is used by many types of institutes, sports clubs, businesses and schools. The most common type of custom apparel includes Year 12 Jumper, customised hoodies, Varsity Jacket, and many more.

Designing custom Year 12 apparel is a good way to create a memory of your school years and keep it alive. This can be a custom jumper, a varsity jacket or jersey. The students can get as creative as they please when it comes to designing a custom jumper.

Some of the common designs include having their first name & last name or their initials printed on a shirt along with a custom design. It is also possible for you to pick the style, colour and overall design. It can also contain the name of the school, either just the first letter or the entire name. This article provides essential tips on how to design your Year 12 Jumpers.

Types of Custom Apparel

There are many different types of custom apparel like Year 12 Jumper, Hoodies, Jumpers, Tees, shirts, etc. The customhoodies are popular in Australia.

Here are some of them described in more detail:

  • Varsity Jackets: This is associated with American rock culture and is a jacket usually made from wool, branded collars & cuffs. It is often referred to as the letterman jacket as well and is a tradition that is believed to have started at Harvard University.
  • Year 12 Jumper: This special custom apparel that is mainly designed by school leavers as a memory of their time in school. It is usually custom-designed as per personal choice but may contain the name of the school, or just the initial. It can also contain the logo of the school, name of the student or their initials. 

Tips to Design a Year 12 Jumper

A  Year 12 Jumpers are very important to many school leavers. It is also the reason for stress and anxiety for many students. There are many ways to design your year 12 jumper, hoodie or jersey. There are several tips listed here to assist those planning to design one:

  • One of the methods of doing is this is to pick a good online shop that offers Year 12 Jumpers. Designing your jumper, in this case, would mean providing detailed information about your ideas. It should also include details on the colour of your choice, material you prefer and timeline of delivery. Besides this, it will also include uploading an image file that contains your custom logo or design.
  • This type of jumper would typically carry the logo of your educational institute, however, it is perfectly ok to create a custom design.
  • For those lacking in creative skills or too busy to come up with a good design themselves, it is possible to seek help from a designer to assist with the design of custom artwork.
  • To make this more interesting it is possible to convert this into a competition. Getting all your friends and school to compete in the competition for the best design year 12 jumper is a good method of bringing out your hidden creativity. There are many ways of accomplishing this, using a simple pen & paper or using a cool tool on your computer.
  • Performing a good amount of research and gathering information on types of Year 12 jumpers.
  • It is a good idea to consult seniors, students and other people who might have had some experience with designing a Year 12 jersey of their own.

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