Most towing companies and car towing service providers in Sydney operate with great integrity, follow all the rules and regulations of the law. However, that’s not always the case. The term “predatory towing” might not be familiar to people. It refers to tow service providers who make use of illegal and unethical methods that can help them maximise their profits. One of the most common predatory towing methods includes satellite towing. Satellite towing is when the tow providers remove the cares illegally parked on private property. Most predatory towing companies also have a spotter at that particular location who communicates with the tow company when they see a potential car tow opportunity. However, there are many reputable and cheap car towing companies in Sydney that do the towing work without taking your advantage. Reputable towing companies don’t engage in predatory or illegal towing. Here are a few ways to protect yourself from illegal car towing in Sydney.

How To Avoid Being a Prey of Such Predatory Towing Companies

Predatory towing companies who operate in an illegal or unethical manner always tend to take advantage of people in stressful situations such as car accidents. However, there are a few things you can do to avoid such scams:

1) Being Well Versed With The Local Law

One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from such predatory towing companies is to learn about the local law and ordinances concerning towing services. Gaining such knowledge can help you avoid expensive travel time fees charged by illegal tow companies.

2. Read Tow Signage

Before parking, in an unfamiliar lot or a location, you have never parked before, always ensure you read all signage posted at the entrances and exits of the lots. Usually, these signs will inform you about the parking restrictions at that location. Reputable towing companies post visible and clear signage at locations where they provide tow services.

3. Beware of “On-The-Spot” Tow Trucks

Being met with a car accident can be quite traumatising. If you find yourself involved in a car wreck that results in the immobilisation of your vehicle, either contact your insurance company or tow service provider directly. A common sign of tow scammers involves a tow truck showing up at the location without being called. These tow scammers take advantage of stranded drivers and charge some exorbitant fees for their services. Additionally, ensure that the tow company’s truck matches the exact company name provided by your insurance agent.

4. Choose Your Towing Location

A reputable tow service provider will tow your vehicle to any location of your choice. Beware of any tow service provider that states otherwise or tries to get your car to their shop. Remember: you have the right to choose.

5. Business Owners Beware

While targeting individuals is common, some predatory tow companies target businesses as well. In such a tow scam, the scammers will pose as tow truck drivers and call several businesses to inform them of their incoming car due for repair or other services. Then, the con artist fills out paperwork and hands over “keys” to the vehicle. The businesses pay the towing fee, thinking the insurance company will reimburse them. However, in this scam play, there is no car; the keys are fake, and the scammer takes off with the money.

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