Marine Grade Plywood is generally seen as one of the most grounded and durable types of wood. There isn’t a lot of distinction between exterior plywood and marine plywood other than the cover utilised in marine plywood is detailed for water submersion.

Marine Grade Plywood can be utilised for any fixed or versatile construction venture that frequently comes into contact with water. Here are a few instances of such marine plywood flooring projects.

Decks, Patios and Porches

Plywood decking comes in huge sheets, which implies a deck can undoubtedly be secured with plywood. With Marine Plywood, you can complete your deck in hours rather than the days it would take utilising individual boards, and at an entirely reasonable expense. There’s an added benefit that, in contrast to different kinds of wood, Marine Plywood is explicitly produced so it doesn’t contain any holes or voids between the plies, much after it is sawed and treated with pressure and heat.


In case you’re at any point stressed that your restroom may flood because of an issue with your toilet or bathtub, Marine Grade Plywood can help guarantee that any moisture or mould is minimised. It can likewise fill in as an option in contrast to supplanting ground floor, siding or backsplash.


Beside restrooms, kitchens are perhaps the wettest areas of a home. Water and steam brought about by cooking can adversely influence lower-grade wood. Nonetheless, Marine Plywood will help fight off moisture while keeping your cupboards and floor looking new.


Given that boats are typically kept in water, Marine Grade Plywood is normally the most ideal alternative for such an undertaking. For whatever length of time that it’s appropriately sealed, this kind of wood is 100 percent waterproof and its durable nature shields it against damages and leaks. Given that Marine Plywood is likewise pliable, it is great for building the frame or other bended pieces of the boat. Marine Plywood ought to be sealed with Acetone, soft cloths or paper towels, clear epoxy — a kind of resin — and a foam brush or roller.


Like boats, docks are regularly based on water, so Marine Plywood is an incredible decision for this kind of structure. In addition, Marine Plywood shouldn’t be sanded regularly like other types of wood and is more compelling in assisting with wiping out decay, rot and warping.

Marine Plywood is likewise an extraordinary decision for other garden furniture and outside activities like seats, gazebos, planters and pergolas.

Why choose marine plywood

Regardless of whether utilised as a floor or a subfloor, marine plywood resists shrinking, rotting or warping. It opposes humidity from steam and can fight off absorbing stagnant water. It even holds up well against boiling water! This makes it an amazing alternative as an underlayment for your kitchen or bathroom floor. It is normally stored inside at lumber yards and this additionally enhances its moisture-free nature.

So where do you procure marine plywood?

The Bunker store has top-notch hardwood marine plywood. Utilising ‘A’ Bond marine glue and sheet development consenting and surpassing BS6566.

Their Marine ply is high-grade plywood fabricated from Meranti Hardwood utilising ‘A’ bond Glue. Both face and back are free from ties and have a wonderful grain. Combined with its durability it is appropriate for use for anything from marine situations to furniture and other water susceptible cabinets. It can likewise be utilised to clad interior and outer dividers giving your undertaking a unique look. So if you have a DIY project in mind where you know that the structure constructed will be exposed to water, think and use marine plywood and save yourself from constant maintenance or additional repair costs.

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