Before you buy your 60s costume in Australia, it is crucial to understand what people wore during those days. The tight bodice and the full skirt of the 50s continued in the 60s with the knee or slightly above the knee hemline and patterns being bigger and the colors brighter. The swing dress style did not last long before the pencil dress of the 50s loosened up and turned into the shift dress.

The shift dress

Shift dresses were casual wear for running errands at home or going to the beach. Ladies didn’t wear them to offices because they were not office-friendly. The shift dresses were too short. In the 1960s, dresses became shorter compared to the previous years. Dresses or skirts above the knee were referred to as miniskirts.

Women who dressed in short dresses were referred to as confident. Also, women that felt that they were sexually attractive preferred shorter dresses. When shopping in Australia for a 60s costume online, you can consider buying a short dress or skirt if you want to be sexy. However, when wearing them, you should understand that short skirts weren’t meant to attract men for the sake of sexual interest. Instead, they were a way of attracting attention so that the lady could be the one to decide if the man’s attention was wanted.

The jumper dress

When buying a 60s costume in Australia, you can also go for a Mary Quant invention. This was a jumper dress that captured the attention of the youth. The style could and can still make you look younger than you actually are. Large round collars, big bows, polka dots and pastels were some of the dress details that made women look younger than they are. If you buy the jumper dress costume, you should try and put on that innocent face.

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