Vital Information for Refrigeration Equipment Maintenance

Refrigeration units are vital to the food industry and are often the target of inspections by the Food and Drug Authority. The inspections are mainly about audits for temperature abuse. Good and efficient refrigeration is the key to any food safety strategy for many types of retails stores and restaurants. There are many types of refrigeration units that are often custom built to suit the application they are meant for.

Some of the popular food items that require refrigeration include beverages, milk, other dairy products, food items, and many more. Refrigeration units like the cool rooms, milk vats, storage refrigerators, display refrigerators, etc are used in such applications. The maintenance of such refrigerators units is critical since they store food products and often require help from the experts who can replace or fix components like the VSD drives, etc. This article goes on to provide vital information on the maintenance of refrigeration units.

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