Everything You Need To Know About Cabochon in Australia

Many jewellers use cabochon gemstone to design different jewellery. Cabochons are an easy option to showcase the beautiful colors in many gemstones. They are beautiful gemstones that are unknown to many. There might be several questions regarding what they are? How cabochons are used? What are the different types? and other components to make Cabochons. Let us go through some of the questions.

What is Cabochon?

Cabochon, also known as Cab is a gemstone that has been polished and shaped instead of faceted. Cabochons are described as one of the oldest cutting techniques for gemstones. The term Cabochon is derived from middle French word term "Caboche" which means knob or small dome. It consists of a flat bottom with a dome-shaped top that can sometimes be round or have a pyramid-like tip.

Cabochons in Australia are mostly found in an oval shape. They are not limited to a single shape or design. They are also found in the shape of round as well as…

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