How Reddit, of all places, helped me tackle my biggest insecurity

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The first leg of driving was a big one: an 800-mile, 15-hour stint from London, boarding the Eurotunnel car train under the English Channel to France, then into Germany and finally to Austria. Getting a huge chunk of miles out of the way at once gave us more time to spend later cruising around the areas we were most keen to see.

Plus, there are the usual myriad small updates. Other highlights include an overdue distortion and perspective correction tool, vmware Upright; reusable custom page layouts and page-numbering tweaks in the Book module; a radial filter; the expansion of the spot healing/clone tool into a full-blown healing brush; and the option to insert playable videos into slideshows. The latest iteration of Adobe's raw-editing and management software development, Adobe Lightroom 5, offers a modest set of enhancements that wil…

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