The Growing Popularity Of Dual Occupancy Homes: Why Are People Opting For It?

While the price of land in Melbourne continues to rise, investors are looking for an optimized return on their investment. This leads to investing in dual occupancy homes. Dual occupancy comprises two strata dwellings on a single block and has a high-density living arrangement. You must have heard the concept of dual occupancy under various names such as ‘multi-dwelling’ or ‘duplex’. It is important to understand the basics of dual occupancy before you think about investing in it. 

What are the requirements?

Before you finalise a custom home builder in Melbourne, it is important to know that the rules and regulations differ in different states. Make sure you determine what all you are allowed to do with your block and what are the restrictions. 

Wondering how to get started?

Once you have an idea about the do’s and don'ts, you shall start by getting in touch with a Multi-unit builder in Melbourne. Reliable builders like LBD Homes…

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