Planning for new furniture is a dream for many homeowners but, there are several factors to consider before taking off to your nearest furniture store. It is vital to first consider all the options available before setting out to purchasing your furniture items. Some of the popular options include checking online stores, visiting a local furniture shop or approaching a specialist to build custom furniture. There are many advantages of opting for custom furniture since this way one has more control over the design and style. Custom-designed furniture means one can have specially designed furniture that is custom built to serve a special purpose.

The main reason why homeowners opt for custom furniture is to ensure it can be designed to fit in with the existing interior decor & design as well as can include special features as per their requirements. This article lists the benefits of using timber for your custom furniture requirements. It is a must-read for those interested in custom made timber furniture in Brisbane.

Advantages of Using Timber for Custom Furniture

Timber is a highly cost-effective building material that is readily available and has many desirable characteristics. It is optimal for both outdoor structures as well as indoor ones. The main reason why homeowners opt for timber is that it is a good lasting material that offers good performance and appears natural at the same time. There are many places where one can get their custom furniture designed like at Aussie Camphor. Listed here are the benefits of using timber to build custom furniture.

  • Timber is a natural material that is readily available and used for many different types of furniture. It is a very popular building material and is available from many suppliers across Australia.
  • Since timber is from a natural source and non-toxic it is very safe to use and reuse. It is recyclable and has a Green Star Energy rating as well.
  • The main properties of timber include that it is very light and has good density and grain structure. This has been used for building for a very long time. It is very easy to work with and easy to cut and shape that other types of material.
  • Timber is highly cost-effective and easy to process as well.
  • This is a highly versatile building material that is visually appealing and perfect for custom furniture.
  • The fact that it is naturally non-corrosive works in its favour since other types of material like steel tend to corrode in the salt air and heavy industrial environments.
  • Timber is exceptionally efficient when it comes to acting as an insulator. Other building materials like steel and other inorganic materials are non-combustible hence when they are exposed to heat they tend to weaken and reduce the integrity of the structure. On the other hand, wood is combustible and thus when it is heated it will become dry and become harder.
  • As compared to other material wood heats much slower. For example, glass conducts heat 23 times faster, marble 90 times faster while steel conducts heat 1650 times faster. Aluminium conducts 7000 times faster.
  • Timber is environmentally friendly; it absorbs and stores atmospheric CO2 and is carbon neutral.
  • Timber is ideal for many different purposes like insulation, acoustics, appearances, furniture, walls, floors, etc. The fact that timber has great texture and mesmerizing beauty work to its advantages when it comes to making custom design furniture that is specially designed. It can be painted in any colour, waxed and varnished to ensure a natural finesse.

Timber is safe, light, durable and above all, it is water-resistant. There are many different types of wood, however, when they are exposed to water they tend to sell and get damaged. However, there are many types of wood and some of them happen to be water-resistant. Timber is one type of wood that is water-resistant. Besides which it also does not rust which is a major advantage.

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