You & Eye Optical is a new style of optical boutique concentrating on top quality frames, lenses, contact lenses and accessories, with free eye tests, personalised service and none of the high pressure selling associated with some larger outlets.

Cathy Curtis, Sydney Optometrist, provides complete eye health and sight examinations for spectacles, contact lenses, pre- and post-laser surgery assessments, glaucoma testing, diabetic eye exams and computer-user assessments.

Cathy is also a specialist in OrthoK, an advanced form of contact lens that gently reshapes the front of your eye while you sleep. It’s non-surgical, completely reversible, and results in clear vision all day, allowing you to work, study and play without lenses or glasses. Ask about the suitability of Orthok for you if you lose glasses or contact lenses often, you have allergies or dry eyes that make it difficult to wear lenses, you play contact or water sport, you aren’t quite sure about laser refractive surgery, or you just want the freedom to see without glasses or contacts!


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