Wilfred Eco Pty Ltd offers huge collection of eco friendly and non toxic reusable straws for kids and adults in Australia. Visit our website for detailed information.


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  1. High-quality glass water bottles
    Wilfred Eco Pty Ltd is offering high-quality and reusable products at affordable prices. i purchase glass water bottles and silicone straws pack at affordable prices. I highly recommended.

  2. Top class services at affordable prices. I purchase a pack of reusable straws. The quality of the straws is very good. I highly recommended.

  3. Thanks for these eco-friendly glass water bottles at such a good price. Keep It Up!

  4. So glad we found your company to purchase straws from! Excellent quality, speedy shipping, and competitive bulk pricing. Thank you so much for helping us doing our part to promote a reusable straw revolution!


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