With over many years of knowledge, our termite experts have extensive local experience and are qualified monthly on the very best termite protection technologies. Our comprehensive termite inspections and treatments are backed by the Pest Busters Termite Control Melbourne Termite Warranty. Different termite control services will be recommended to the customer based on the species of termite recognized. For subterranean termites (the most common species of termite along the Melbourne), the two main treatment options are Pest Busters Termite Control Melbourne’s baiting/monitoring and conventional termite service. Termite Baiting and Monitoring – Pest Busters Termite Control Melbourne’s termite baiting and monitoring service involves the strategic placement of bait stations in the soil around the structure and contained by the structure where the attendance of termites have been recognized. Pest Busters Termite Control Melbourne’s conventional termite service involves the inoculation of a liquid termite creation into the soil that creates a shielding barrier around the house. In instances where dry-wood termites are identified, Pest Busters Termite Control Melbourne will primarily recommend a fumigation service or a spot treatment service. Contact Pest Busters today to set up a free termite control inspection of your property. A termite specialist will visit your home or business at a convenient time and conduct a thorough inspection on the interior and exterior of the structure. In instances where termites are effectively recognized on belongings, we will recommend a modified treatment preparation that takes the termite species and severity of the infestation into account. Pest Busters Termite Control Melbourne will also make recommendations on how you can prevent termites from infesting the structure in the future.


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