Choose Malvina Ministrova when you want to work with a photography studio in Melbourne that’s aligned with your values. Our goal is to work with clients who are ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable. It’s important to us that our values align with those of our clients to create a more positive feedback loop. This motivates and inspires us to take beautiful photographs that raise awareness of brands and lifestyles that are actively preventing or reducing damage inflicted to the planet.

We’ve developed an excellent model portfolio that showcases fashion from brands that source materials sustainably. Likewise, we have an Airbnb photographer that takes stunning photos of eco-friendly accommodation, giving owners the opportunity to advertise their property and encourage others to follow in their footsteps. We also offer lifestyle product photography in Melbourne to illustrate situations and activities that convey human potential and success.

We take creative photography to the next level with specialist tools and excellent visual storytelling techniques. Our photos capture the essence of the subject while expressing the textures, shapes and ambience without distractions. You can rely on us to help you stand out from the crowd and make the best possible first impression.


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