PVC Foam sheet

Do you know what PVC Foam sheet is? Have you heard its name somewhere before? PVC Foam sheet or formex sheet, format sheet, foam sheet is a material created from high technology, mainly using PVC, is a material commonly used in advertising, interior and exterior decoration.

Why is PVC Foam sheet used so much

Because it is not waterproof and anti-mold, PVC Foam sheet is used in almost all places in the home, office, especially bathroom and kitchen. Cheap cost: Compared with other materials for ceiling tiles, PVC Foam sheet is much cheaper, light weight also makes installation easier.

Can be used in many places: in home, office, hotel, hospital … Use for many different purposes

Easy to clean and low maintenance: Do not use mortar during installation, so after finishing, it is very neat and clean, When you want to clean it does not take much time, use a cloth, chicken feather broom is also available. can be cleaned. Do not use detergents to clean. In addition, because of its waterproof properties, it is difficult for larvae – larvae to develop and prevent diseases

Safety: Light weight so human injury minimizes impact, is non-flammable material and classified as non-flammable material.

Recyclable: 100% recyclable Insulation: PVC Foam sheet is not conductive, so it is used for insulation … Supply bulk insulation foam

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By Mica Thành Bửu

Thanh Buu Co., Ltd is an agent distributing mica broken products throughout the country, our mica broken products provide customers with many different types and models for customers to choose. We also accept supply of mica, alu, wholesale and retail format sheets for customers in need.

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