Living in a studio apartment can be quite interesting and adventurous but the adversity of not having enough space becomes little daunting at times. Setting a king size bed might not be the right option as space is an issue in studio apartments. But having the right kind of mattress will solve this problem as it will give you the right amount of comfort and will add more space inside the bedroom.

Here are five best mattress designs to make your Studio apartment look classy.


1 – Soft mattress: It is the age long debate whether you should go for the softer version of the mattress or should you opt for the firm one. It basically filters down to the comfort zone of an individual and if you are the person who likes  mattresses to be soft then having such kind of product in your studio apartment is going to serve your purpose as well as utilize the available space ideally. There are various versions of such soft designs available in the market provided by different kinds of brands and you can choose the one that  gives you the comfort that you’re looking for.

2 – Latex mattress: These types of mattresses come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and they might be the perfect choice for some sleepers and not for the others. They are built using high quality latex which is regulated by the companies producing it and high quality controlled so you can be sure that if you buy from a trusted brand you will be provided with the optimum quality of mattress. If you are a person who likes the look and feel of this product then you can opt for it as it will suffice your needs as well as look classy in your studio apartment.

3 – Cooling mattress: These types of mattresses are named this way because they can adjust to your body temperature as they are made with materials which respond to your body heat. They help in providing you weather cool sound sleep and if you are a person who likes this kind of mattresses then it will be the right choice for you. They are made with high quality polyester fiber and come with a 100% cotton fillings, ensuring you sound sleep. If you like these types of mattress which provides a cooling sensation as well as are compact in size, then you can buy them for studio apartments.


4 – Hybrid mattresses: These come with the dual functionality of providing you with layers of memory foam which holds the consistency as well as the support of the inner spring type of support system. The inner fillings of memory foam gives you the benefits of the pressure releasing quality and the spring system holds the classic look and feel of it. If you are looking for the best of both worlds then you should consider these types of mattress.

5 – Memory foam mattresses: These types of mattresses have a layer of memory foam in them that adjust to your body temperature and take the shape accordingly to give you optimum comfort. It provides the best kind of support to your posture and ensures prolonged usage capabilities. If you have the budget for investing in such mattress which will give you your desired comfort as well as add to the classy look and feel of your studio apartment then these are the option that you should consider.

So if you’re looking for the best kind of mattress for you studio apartment then you should keep the above mentioned points in your mind and opt for one that is mentioned in this list.

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