Desert Safari in Hummer package of Desert Safari UAE gives you a thrilling Dune Bashing ride with Hummer which is the most luxurious transport for Desert Safari Dubai. Dune Bashing gets much more exciting with Hummer because of the jumps and turns it provides. This ride gives you the most fun and thrilling experience of the Dune Bashing. The cost of the package is nothing compared to the luxuries provided to you in this package. Is this package the right fit for your Desert Safari Dubai experience? Let’s find out.


The speciality of this package is that it provides the luxurious Hummer for the dune bashing adventure during your Desert Safari Dubai trip. In this package, you will experience everything with class and luxury. This is one of our best packages specially designed for people who does not want to settle for less in their life. The following activities are included in our Desert Safari Hummer package:


Experience the most thrilling ride of Desert Safari Dubai in the most luxurious way with Hummer. With Hummer, your Dune bashing ride becomes more exciting and thrilling! Hummer gives you the best jumps and pumps during Sand Dune bashing which leaves you with adrenaline rush pumping through your body. This is the most amazing way to experience the Sand Dune Bashing in the Desert Safari Dubai. If you are also looking forward to enjoy this ride in the luxurious Hummer then get your package booked with us right away!


Camels were the only mean of transportation in deserts in the old times. Enjoy yourself while riding these camels in Desert Safari Dubai. These camels are the most friendly and help you explore the whole of desert on their backs. People of all ages enjoy riding on these camels and love to explore the desert while riding on them.


Board around the desert with sand board. Sand board is just like snow board in which you surf around the snow with a board. With sand boarding, you surf around the dunes of the desert and enjoy your trip to Desert Safari Dubai even more. Not everybody is expert enough to do it themselves so we always provide an instructor to guide you.


Quad Bike is the most thrilling ride of the desert. This ride is specially designed for off-road adventures. This Quad Bike is not included in our Desert Safari Dubai package but you can always avail it by paying some extra charges.


Apart from these activities, there are certainly other activities on the desert which you can also avail by booking your package with us. These activities take place inside the camp and are of equal importance to make your Desert Safari Dubai trip amazing. These activities are as follows:

  • Henna Painting
  • Fire show
  • Belly Dance Show
  • Arabic Dress Photography
  • Tanoura Show

After enjoying these camp-side activities, you can enjoy the delicious barbecue buffet specially designed for all types of customers, with this you can enjoy soft drinks and mineral water and you can also smoke shisha in the smoking area.

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