A favourite in the world of athletes, compression clothing has been one of the most beneficial products introduced in the sports industry. From the use of compression tights by women to compression arm sleeves for men, compression outfits have been in demand due to their ability to prevent excessive strain on muscles during workouts and other strenuous activity, leaving little to no room for injury.

As beneficial as the products might be, they’ve managed to give rise to quite a few questions in the minds of users. For example, how long can you wear compression clothing items? Moreover, are there any precautionary measures that we’re supposed to take as and when we use them?

To help any questions that you might have about the compression tights that you have bought, we’ve written this article – setting apart the do’s and don’ts of the activewear to help you.

The Do’s Of Compression Wear

1.      DO invest in the right size

Unlike the rest of our clothing items, you can’t buy a size that’s bigger than your usual simply for the sake of ‘comfort.’ Compression gear is meant to help you gain medical benefits for your injuries or the prevention of excess strain during active hours. However, if you fail to buy the right size, you will end up losing out on all possible benefits.

2.      DO wear it throughout the day

Compression wear is meant to prevent/subside on any possible swellings or medical symptoms that you might be suffering from. To reap all possible benefits, it’s recommended that you wear your compression gear first thing in the morning. Keeping the compression gear on throughout the day will allow the real treatment to be processed easily.

3.      DO take care of the gear you buy

Even though you might be convinced that you don’t need to wash your compression wear daily, it’s highly recommended. The material of compression clothing stretches with every use, which is why you must wash it and bring it back to its original shape.

The Don’ts Of Compression Wear

1.      DON’T wear compression tights to sleep

Even though there isn’t any necessary damage caused by wearing compression tights to sleep, it’s not something you need to do. Since the blood flow of your legs tends to normalise as you lay down, wearing compression tights to sleep isn’t necessary unless you’ve been told to do so specifically by your doctor.

2.      DON’T roll up your compression gear when you take it off

One of the top mistakes that users tend to do is roll up their compression clothes as they take them off their sleeves and legs. This can outstretch the material of your gear, leaving it to be useless for the purpose it serves. Avoid rolling up your compression wear at all costs.

3.      DON’T put on oils or moisturiser before you wear your compression clothing

Moisturisers and oils end up breaking the fibres of the material. This will end up lowering the lifespan of your compression gear, whilst also nullifying the benefits that you’re supposed to gain from the gear.

Take Care OfThe Compression Gear You Buy

Buying a product can be a relatively simple activity to do – but taking care of it is a completely different task. If you’re looking for women’s compression tights in Australia, you can browse the online store of Sub 4 for more details. It’s important to remember that compression clothing serves a medical purpose, which is why it’s integral to take care of it. The peak time of use for a compression garment is 6 months.

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