For those living in an apartment or working in an industry, it is important for them to be aware that the building is a Strata complex. In the case, where it is a strata complex any dispute that might arise are governed by strata laws. Owning a property is referred to as having a ‘title’. But it is important to understand that there are many different types of title. There are mainly two different ones like Torrens and Strata. Strata Title is defined as owning a small section of a large property.

Some of the most common types of properties that are governed by Strata law include apartments and office buildings. Thus, for those living in an apartment, the foyer, driveway, and parking area. Strata systems were established in Australia in 1961. This article goes on to describe the common building disputes and how building dispute lawyers in Sydney can help with this.

Common Building Disputes

The number of domestic and commercial buildings in Australia are on the rise. A rise in building disputes goes hand in hand with a rise in the number of buildings. Building disputes can get quite ugly and hard for the average person to handle; thus it is best to seek the assistance of a Strata lawyer. It is important to seek expert assistance from Specialist Strata lawyers in Sydney to solve the issue before it gets ugly. There are many different types of potential building disputes and many reasons why they can occur. Listed here are few of the common building disputes:

  • A building dispute can arise due to many different reasons like that for the erection or construction of a building.
  • The renovation, alteration or extension of a building is often the reason for a dispute.
  • If repair work is being done on a Strata complex it can easily lead to a big dispute.
  • As far as a Strata building or complex is concerned there are several services that are shared like electrical, water supply, sewerage and drainage. The finance and maintenance for these services are shared. This is often a cause for a dispute amongst building owners.
  • Disputes regarding demolition or removal of a building can lead to a building dispute as well.
  • In the case of work on a common site like swimming pools, fences, driveways there is a high potential of dispute which would require the assistance of a Strata lawyer.
  • In the case of building dispute, one may need to make building inspection, require a licensing or permits of some kind of insurance. This would require help from an expert Strata Lawyer.
  • In the case of poor workmanship seeking assistance from a trained professional in the form of a Strata, the lawyer will always pay off.
  • Building disputes may arise between owners, contractors, electricians, plumbers and carpenters, They may arise between other professionals like architects, engineers, surveyors, suppliers and manufacturers.
  • A common building dispute in case of Strata property can occur when either the owner or the developer fails to pay the building contractor due to a disagreement. This can affect the entire project and in the worst case lead to lengthy court battles.
  • A noisy neighbour can lead to sleepless nights and disrupt your normal activity. A Strata lawyer can work out the perfect solution in this case.
  • In the case where a person living in a Strata complex is sued or fined wrongly, it might be best to consult a lawyer.

A professional Strata lawyer can also help with other minor issues that may potentially arise like parking disputes, repairing water damage, obtaining a renting permit in the case where there is a restriction on renting it out as per the by-laws, dealing with pet prohibition, etc.

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