Split system air conditioners are top-rated for apartments in both Melbourne and Sydney. It is ideal for a single room in a condo as well as to cool office space. The main reason being the process of split system air conditioner installation in Sydney is straightforward, and at the same time, it is both affordable and effective.

As the name suggests, it is designed as two different units, which include a wall-mounted unit that is aesthetically designed and the noisy central compressor that is usually placed on the exterior section. It is well suited for small spaces and available in varying capacities as well. It is also possible to have a multi-split system to cover a larger area.

This article lists the benefits of opting for a split system air conditioning system. This is a must-read for those in St. George with air conditioning requirements.

Types of Air Conditioner Units

There are many options when it comes to selecting an optimal cooling solution. Listed here are some of the great cooling options to beat the scorching heat in summer:

  • Split Air Conditioner System: This is a cooling solution that consists of two different units, one of which is placed outdoors (a noisy compressor), and the other is usually set on a wall strategically to cool a room effectively.
  • Central Air Conditioner: This type of system is a single unit that consists of the evaporator, condenser, and compressor. This unit will usually be placed on the roof and will make use of ducts to providing the cooling effect indoors.
  • Window Unit: This is an air conditioner unit that consists of a single group that is placed in an open window. It is usually made to fit the entire window and provide an excellent cooling effect to a room.

Advantages of a Split Air Conditioner

Split system air conditioner installation in Sydney is straightforward and does not include any ductwork; however, it does require appropriate tubing and placing electrical wiring. It is a highly effective unit and a boon, especially on hot summer days.

Listed here are the benefits of opting for this:

  • Prevents wastage of energy like that in central air conditioning units. The split air conditioning system is specially designed to ensure there is minimal energy loss.
  • It is instrumental in places that are low on ventilating or lack proper airflow.
  • Optimal choice to save on energy bills as far as air conditioning is concerned.
  • The installation process this type of system is straightforward & requires lesser effort and is not very time-consuming either.
  • The indoor and outdoor units can be up to 100 feet away.
  • Besides having very active cooling, it also provides very effective climate control and extreme comfort.
  • The fact that the main compressor section is located outdoors prevents an air conditioning unit from getting very noisy indoors.
  • The design of this type of system ensures there is no need to disturb the existing decor in the room. There will usually be an option of either suspending it from the ceiling or hanging it on a wall so that it is out of the way and still providing very active cooling.
  • It gives a greater sense of security as compared to a window unit, which can be a significant security risk. Since the split air conditioner unit consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit only connected via smart pipes and electrical wiring, there is almost no security risk.
  • The split system air conditioning unit is best suited for those who have a requirement to split their cooling space into several zones. This is an excellent method for ductless air conditioning arrangement.

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