Do you wear cotton socks daily? It isn’t an unknown fact that cotton is soft and comfortable. But, if you are planning to invest in a better pair of socks without compromising the comfort and quality, then think beyond cotton and opt for bamboo.

Bamboo socks consist of bamboo fibres that are tightly woven together which provides great comfort and flexibility.

What is bamboo socks made up of?

  • The bamboo socks in Australia are made up of fibres extracted from a bamboo plant, combined with different fabrics like polyamide.
  • The properties of the plant make the pair of socks soft and ensure the amount of comfort you are expecting.
  • This is the primary benefit of wearing bamboo socks, but apart from this, there are some other incredible benefits too which are as follows. 

Primary Benefits of Bamboo Socks

  1. It has a soft and smooth texture

Bamboo socks are soft and much more comfortable than cotton. Because of its fibres, it gives more softness and is considered as the significant material for smooth texture and in making the overall look of the socks thin and smooth.

2. Absorbs moisture   

Bamboo absorbs the moisture sufficiently and keeps your feet dry for a significant period of time. This is because of the hollow viscose that allows absorbing more moisture. Once the moisture is removed, the bacteria are eliminated parallelly that prevents them from producing a foul odour.

3. A sustainable choice

Bamboo socks are completely eco-friendly since the Bamboo plant grows fast and hardly requires any chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  Bamboo regenerates itself from its own roots and causes the least impact on nature. Also, bamboo intakes greenhouse gases and produces 35% more oxygen than all the other surrounding trees. 

4. They are anti-allergenic 

Socks with absent safety properties can cause harm to your skin. The bamboo fabric is antibacterial and hypoallergenic that prevents microorganisms from growing and also protects your skin from various infections.   

5. Moderates and maintains the temperature 

As mentioned above that bamboo socks has been designed to serve better comfort than all the other kind of socks, it makes sure that season change especially in a country like Australia, does not contradict. The fibres are thermo-regulating that maintains a regular temperature. The socks can keep your feet cool during summers and maintain the normal temperature during winter to keep your feet warm. 

The bamboo socks are 98% resistant to UV rays that prevent the sun rays from ruining the colour quality of the socks. The elasticity and flexibility of these socks are comfortable as well. These benefits can deliver you complete new feet covering experience and make you change which you might be habituated to for years.

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