Building a new home is always a challenging task. Finding the right contractor for the execution of this task is like fighting half the battle. If this battle is won easily, the rest of the ride ahead is smooth sailing. The builder you hire will define the house you envision. When you are in the hands of the right builders, you need not worry about costs, deadlines, quality or design as these professionals take care of everything.

It is important to look for many options when it comes to selecting builders. This means asking friends and family for recommendations. If you are new to this area, then use the information available on the internet to your advantage. Be sure to research excessively and read as reviews and testimonials as you can. Once the house construction is one the way, it’s not wise to change the contractor. Here are some of the primary questions you can ask your builder when hiring them for a new project. Don’t hesitate to ask them anything you have on your minds. It helps to clear all doubts before stepping into the construction process.

1. What is your realistic deadline?

Depending on the size of your plot and the build-up square feet area, the house can take many weeks to finish. This will also depend on the material you are using or the time it takes to source them. Ask your builders to estimate how long this project will take to finish. Keep in mind that this deadline will also be affected by natural factors like weather. Ask them if the cost of the contact will wary with a change in the time period.

2. Is your contractor licensed and does the individual have insurance?

The insurance is important to make sure your work does not get hampered in case of any accidents or unfortunate circumstances. These are often available on the website of the builders. You can also ask them to provide you with a physical copy for proof. The availability of a license for certain services is an obvious requirement. If they are adding any fixtures like specialist kitchen units or windows, then they must be licensed contractors for the warranty to stick. Be sure to check the service before you confirm them.

3. Have you worked with such a design or concept before?

If your house construction needs any special requirements like sustainable housing, water harvesting or energy harnessing, then it helps to have a contractor with significant experience in the field. If you are asking your builders to install any special machines or equipment, then you can be reassured that they will function better when backed with expertise.

4. What are the terms of payment?

Ask your contractor how long the payment cycles are and what are the terms of the payment. This means you need to determine when the payments need to be done. They can be done is half advance and half completion of the project. Some builders also demand a monthly payment against an invoice. Be sure to plan your payments depending on your comfort and budget.

5. Do you offer a warranty on your work?

Once the construction is done, there will always be new teething problems that you will discover once you start living around them. Your contractor should be able to give you a warranty on the work he/she has done. Any alterations and corrections that need to be done after the house is active should be done free of cost as part of the construction. This includes fixes of faucet, fixtures, and furniture. You must also ask them how long this warranty will last before you need to start paying for repairs.

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