When you think of outdoor advertising, the first thing that comes to your mind must be a huge billboard with vibrant colours somewhere in the city or on a highway. But the concept of outdoor advertising is much wider than mere billboards. With the passage of time, we have seen various advertising alternatives come and go. But outdoor marketing and its various branches such as mobile advertising solutions, have managed to set a benchmark with its effectiveness and the return on investment gained from it.

Nowadays, people are mostly out of their homes either commuting for work or traveling. Hence, outdoor ads. advertising is the best way for a brand to reach out to a maximum number of audience. They are hard to ignore, unlike radio or television ads which can be shut off. You will never find yourself walking past an appealing billboard without paying attention to what it has to say.

The impact of outdoor advertising

The ads you see on social media or on any other digital media platforms can be ignored. But you can’t shut your eyes when you walk past a billboard or a mobile van, it is impossible. In the same way your viewer ( target audience) will have no control on whether they want to see the ad or not.  Outdoor advertising is a unique niche of marketing. It does not have any competition as it stands alone. It is visible from afar as well as looks even stunning when viewed standing closer. These ads are proven to gain more attention from the viewers.

The cost effectiveness

According to a study conducted by the Outdoor Media Association, outdoor advertising delivers high ROI as compared to any other advertising medium. The more you spend on outdoor advertising the larger the ROI. This is because you can reach a broader audience merely by putting up a hoarding in one of the busiest streets. outdoor advertising grants exposure to a specific niche of the audience which is otherwise difficult to reach. You can reach people like businessmen who are always traveling or young students who don’t necessarily read the newspaper every day.

Location is everything when it comes to outdoor marketing. The entire concept of path-to-purchase is based on choosing the right location for your advertisement. According to a survey, the last window of influence before a customer makes a retail purchase is a relatable outdoor advertising campaign. Outdoor advertising is an engaging way to notify the consumer about your product. Outdoor advertising can and has been proven to work best with various other mediums. The undeniable impact and reach of outdoor advertising are unmatchable. And it can remind the consumer of the message across various other media. Outdoor advertising offers brands and companies a fresh and creative approach, allowing brands to express themselves and reach their target consumers.  If you are interested in one of the benefits which are listed above, you need to get in touch with a reliable agency that can help you to design a marketing campaign exclusive to your outdoor advertising needs in Melbourne. Contact STT Advertising today and explain to them your requirements and they shall be able to help you with your outdoor advertising. They would navigate your marketing journey by finding the appropriate and most effective outdoor advertising that will speak for your brand and suit your budget.

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