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Do you know what PVC Foam sheet is?

PVC Foam sheet

Do you know what PVC Foam sheet is? Have you heard its name somewhere before? PVC Foam sheet or formex sheet, format sheet, foam sheet is a material created from high technology, mainly using PVC, is a material commonly used in advertising, interior and exterior decoration.

Why is PVC Foam sheet used so much

Because it is not waterproof and anti-mold, PVC Foam sheet is used in almost all places in the home, office, especially bathroom and kitchen. Cheap cost: Compared with other materials for ceiling tiles, PVC Foam sheet is much cheaper, light weight also makes installation easier.

Can be used in many places: in home, office, hotel, hospital ... Use for many different purposes

Easy to clean and low maintenance: Do not use mortar during installation, so after finishing, it is very neat and clean, When you want to cl…

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What Is Mica Plastic Sheet

Mica is a flexible plastic, used to replace glass, commonly known as Acrylic or Mica. In fact Mica is a trademark of a Taiwanese manufacturer of PMMA sheets, and Acrylic sheets. In European countries, Mica plastic sheet is often called Plexiglas. Plexiglas is a trademark of PMMA sheet manufacturer named Evonik (Germany), this is also the first brand of PMMA in the world to be marketed in 1933.

Introducing them mica plastic sheetsTaiwan mica plastic sheet is known as a material, clear mica plastic sheet is often compared to glass (glass). It has a density only about half that of glass, and lets about 98% of light through it (for mica with a thickness of 3mm). It burned at 460 ° C (860 ° F).

Microfiber plastic is softer and more easily scratched than glass, so manufacturers have to add a scratch-resistant layer to the PMMA sheet. While plastic mica is easily scratched, it usually does not crack like glass. Instead, it cracks into large pieces when it recei…

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Polycarbonate sheet

If you are wondering to find a dealer specializing in lighting roofing sheets, Poly reputable professional panels, you can visit Mica Thanh Buu. We with many years in this field of distribution have built reputable brands and many known customers.

When coming to Mica Thanh Buu you can be completely assured of the quality and price of the product. Free cutting for customers in need.

Some information about Poly roof sheet

Smart lighted roofing sheets, or polycarbonate (referred to as poly), they are composed of other plastics such as aromatic polysudium, thermoplastic plus other additives and chemicals.

Poly is a material commonly used in the field of construction with the function of rain cover, heat protection, heat insulation, sound insulation and especially for lightening.

Poly is used in many large projects such as factories, factories, swimming pool roofs, stadiums, awning roofs, roof roofs, used as partitio…

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