There is actually one more step I carry out at this stage for my contextual targets but I plan to do a separate blog post on it in the future so I won’t go into much detail on it here. As the point of filtering is to reprocess everything from scratch this is a pain but I suggested this feature for SER and it has been implemented. The do follow link count is displayed on the left with the no follow link count on the right followed by a percentage, in all honesty, I have never paid much attention to the displayed percentage as its meaning seems to change per target engine.

f you remember earlier in the tutorial, I said how the general blog engine is massive and mostly do follow but I choose Aqua back to the 80s mp3 process it because its total link volume makes up for this still making producing more do follow links than any other blog platform and Oleg кузубов meditazione scaricare you can see this has turned out to remain true. Now that you have segmented your links once, this set of filter projects are essentially useless. I have cleared my folders from the list stats above and re-sent the verified targets from my filter projects as explained in this paragraph and El hoyo torrent en dvd added a do follow v no follow comparison below.

This is because GSA Search Engine Ranker automatically logs the targets a project has already processed for its particular projects for a particular URL. Some people may choose to keep their no follow targets to use on their live projects. Essentially it lets you run multiple reset options on a selected SER project at once rather than doing them all one at a time via the following navigation path once the project or projects are selected. In this case, the user may choose to send all of their do follow targets to their verified folder and all of their no follow targets to their failed folder.

The short version is I import and merge all of my verified contextuals into Scrapebox, trim them to root and index check them. Remember earlier in the tutorial where I told you to set the project up to build links to I then export the domains that are not indexed to a text file and use the remove URLs from file option in the tools window to remove the domains from my saved files.

To get around this hard coded feature the next time you run your filtering projects you will change the URL to and then each time thereafter increase the number by 1.

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