Do you think about your pre-wedding? Do you want to hire wedding props in Sydney? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Pre-wedding photo-shoots have become quite popular among people nowadays. They spend plenty of time planning it out and attractive so that their pictures have something unique. Wedding photo-shoot looks formal where you are unable to show who you are, whereas pre-wedding photo-shoot allows you to be yourself and make it look fun, unusual, and personal.

There are numerous ways you can do it by yourself by using some simple, fun, and cool props, and these props are readily available in the market and don’t cost you much.

Below is a list is given of 10 must-have wedding props you need for pre-wedding photo-shoot:

  • Vintage vehicles – You don’t need expensive racing bikes or mountain bikes; you just need old cars like a bicycle or a scooter painted with bright colors that can give you great pre-wedding pictures. With your creativity and imagination, you can provide some poses with and make the images look cheerful and exciting. You can use retro cars, rickshaws, bullock carts, or any other vintage vehicle to add some more show in the pictures.
  • Chalkboard signs – Give your pre-wedding picture old school style by using chalkboards. They are great as you can show your creativity as you can write a great caption, funny quote, love messages, a doodle, or save the date by printing the wedding date with multiple colors. They are easy to find in the market at a meager price of different sizes.
  • Smoke bombs – You must have seen smoke sticks being used in music videos or events. They have become an excellent choice for photo-shoot too. You can use them for your pre-wedding photo-shoot. Smoke bombs, or sticks, provide you stunning curls of colors, making your pictures look marvelous. With white outfits, you can bring out the colors.
  • Lights – You can use lights for having a night pre-wedding photo-shoot. Light gives you romantic and sweet surroundings, which are perfect for showing love in pictures. You can wrap them around you and your partners, or you can use marquee light to spell any word to make your photos look fantastic. Marquee lights are available in the market on rent, so you don’t have to spend so much on lights.
  • Balloons – Balloons are popular among people for pre-wedding photo-shoots. They are available in different colors and sizes, which make them an excellent prop for photo-shoot. They add colors to your pictures. You can use them to save the date or fill them with confetti.
  • Umbrella – A simple umbrella can do wonders for your pre-wedding photo-shoot. You use it to have romantic photographs with your partners on a rainy night. You can also use it as a shield when you kiss your partner to have a great picture. You can find a wedding umbrella in different styles in the market.
  • Instruments – If you and your partner love music, you can use your musical instruments as props. You can easily pose with them and make your pictures look romantic. You can also add lights in the setting.
  • Pets – Animals are the cutest thing living on the earth. If you have pets, you can make your pictures look more cute and gorgeous. They can bring out the real you. A great location and your loving pets can give you what you want for your pre-wedding photos.
  • Bubbles – People love bubbles. You can use them as props and give different poses with them and loving pictures.
  • Friends – Friends are life. They can add fun to your pictures. They are more than props, but if you have friends that are crack heads, funny, and have unique tricks, you can have high pre-wedding images with them. You can also think about The Bride’s Table.

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