When it comes to vehicle inspection, most people are more focused on the tyres, engine, mileage and the overall condition of the car, and sometimes forget to include the car’s air-conditioning system as part of the regular inspection. Yet, ironically, the air-conditioning system is the third most common system in your vehicle that is prone to faults. For this reason, it’s not a bad idea to ensure that your car’s air-conditioning system is working well and will operate reliably in the coming days. Getting the system serviced in time not only ensures that it is well maintained, but will also save you money in the long run which otherwise would have been spent on repairs.


Car air-conditioning repairs can resolve a number of faults – there might be leakage of cooling liquid, the vents might be blocked, the filters might not be working properly, or there might be no power in the system. If you are experiencing any of these issues or have observed other problems, do not take the risk – contact your auto service company at the earliest opportunity, so that they can check and repair the fault as soon as possible. Not attending to such faults can lead to serious issues in the long run, often resulting in permanent damage to the system, or creating other problems. Car air-conditioning should only be serviced by a qualified and experienced service team that has a knowledge of your vehicle.


But before you call in the cavalry for assistance, here are some tips that you can follow that will prevent major repair work on your air-conditioning system. From time to time, check the coolant. The filters may need to be removed and cleaned properly. Also, it is advisable to regularly use the air-conditioning system, even in winter. Doing so gets rid of unwanted dew and ensures that there is not a long gap between its usage, which will prevent unnecessary wear. Car air-conditioning service adds to the overall budget, but is an important part of the maintenance of your vehicle.

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