Listen section is all about how well you attempt all the eight item types. Yes, you read it right; there are eight item types which is the highest number of the item type present in any of the four sections. This makes the section an important one.

However this section is the last one, so the test takers want to get over with the questions of this section. But you should not do that as your scores will get affected. What you should you do is that you should prepare for this section as there is a time frame for this section. The PTE Practice material will help you understand the time frame.

No time frame is particularly provided for each task type, you have to manage the time on your own. However, a timer will constantly remind the time. The test taker can make use of the timer present at the right-hand side of the screen.

You should manage the time in such a way that none of the questions goes unattended. What happens is that if you spend much of the time on the first half of the item types, then the next half won’t appear for you to answer. Ultimately you will lose some much-needed marks for those task types. Access the PTE Practice and see how it actually woks.

As a test taker, you might be aware that the scores of a few item types of the Listening Sections get contributed to the other sections also. Here is the list of the item types whose scores are contributed to other sections:

Summarize Spoken Text:

In Summarize Spoken Text, an audio will play which you have to listen carefully. When that is done you have to type down what you were able to catch from the audio. The PTE Practice gives a detailed idea of each item type.

The summary should be a relevant one and there is a dire need to mention the topic of the discussion. This will surely help you bag good scores. The scores of these task types spread to the Writing Section as well. Any mistake here can lower the scores in the writing section as well.

Write from dictation

In this task type, you need to listen to the audio. Once the audio has been played, just type down what you heard in the audio. Use the correct grammar and punctuation marks in the right place. Write from Dictation is the last item type of the PTE Practice just like the PTE.

The scores of this task type are spread to the writing section as well making it crucial to perform well in the task type. The test taker needs to right exactly what he/she heard in the audio.

Highlight correct summary

In this task type, you need to choose the summary that defines the topic from the considerable options. But that has to be done after you have heard the audio carefully. The scores of this item type contribute to the Reading Section. Prepare for the upcoming PTE exam with the help of PTE Practice.

Highlight incorrect words

You have to listen to the audio and then you need to choose the wrong words from the passage. The scores of this item type also contribute to the Reading Section. So be cautious while choosing any wrong word.

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