Top 6 Principle of Naturopathic

Neuropathic medicine emphasizes the healing power of nature. It uses natural, least toxic and non-invasive methods to cure ailments.

The therapy promotes wellness by looking at the body as an integrated whole. A naturopath medicine knows the interdependence and interconnection of all living things.

Instead of modalities  or methods, he works on the principles of naturopathy. Also, the natural wisdom of the body is honored while giving the treatment.

What are the six fundamental principles of naturopathic medicine? Let’s understand.

1. The Healing Power of Nature

It says that the body has the inherent wisdom to heal itself. There is a state of equilibrium that ensures the body is healthy.

An ailment causes the imbalance in the equilibrium. However, the body knows how to achieve it again. What is required by us is to help it in regaining the same.

2. Treat the cause and not symptoms

Naturopathy believes that the symptoms are just indicators. They are not the ailment. Instead of focusing on the symptom, one should look beyond that and dig out the underlying cause.

The natural state of the body is aa healthy state. By symptoms, it indicates that the absence of a healthy state.

3. Cause no harm

The whole concept of naturopathy is based on not doing any damage to the body. The methods used by a naturopath are the least invasive and least toxic.

It is the reason; the methods and substances don’t have any side-effects. The expert uses no force to diagnose and treat. The medicines don’t suppress the symptoms forcefully but help the body to recover the state of health by boosting the self-healing process.

4. The doctor is the teacher

The naturopathy expert plays the role of a teacher. He helps the patient to achieve and maintain a complete healthy state. He doesn’t leave any opportunity of educating the patient.

During the visit, he explains the importance of maintaining good health by following the naturopathy practices.

5. Look at the body as a whole system

It is essential to view the body as an integrated system. The spiritual and physical dimensions of the body are interrelated and interdependent.

Therefore, the body has to be treated in such a manner that the balance between these two aspects can be achieved.

6. Prevention

Instead of dealing with the ailment, the focus should be on the prevention of it. Therefore, once the disease is cured, the naturopath helps in achieving the state of wellness.

These six fundamentals work behind the concept of naturopathy treatment.

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