Promosource Australia is one of the most popular promotional products Sydney suppliers. We are not only known for our wide range of promotional products but also the best-in-class customer service and delivery. We have every type of promotional items that can suffice your marketing needs. It will help you to build your brand.

All our products are durable and cost-efficient. We are apt in printing, stitching or engraving the promotional merchandises. We make use of the latest technology to imprint your brand and logo in our promotional items. This post is specifically directed to the automobile companies who are looking to grow their brand awareness.

In this post, you will get to know our five top selling promotional items that are ideal for an automobile company or industry associated with it. So, get ready for the show. Here are our best automotive promotional items,

Custom Printed Car Air Freshener

With SCF AF101-1, this product can be the perfect promotional giveaway for your prospect. Get a print of your logo with us and spread awareness with exotic fragrance. Whenever your prospect uses it in his car, they will be reminded of you and your company. There is nothing more you want, just a sweet reminder that you are always there to spread happiness in their life.

Car Wash Kit

With SCF- 1426, this promotional item will make your clients or customers remind you whenever they wash their car with this wash kit. This Car wash kit includes an 18-litre bucket with metal handle, microfiber cloth, sponge, wash potholder, squeegee and convenient carrying case with handle. This product will always remind them of you as a helper who always there for them whenever they are in a need.

Steering-Mate Indent

With SCF-D4200, steering-mate protects the steering from the sun damage and keep the hands of your prospects safe and discomfort free. It is made from reflective silver nylon which gives it an insulating feature. And the best part is that it can be folded up to 16 cm where they can contain it in a pouch. Imprint your brand at the centre and spread value among your audience.

Sunbuster Sun-Shade

Using a sunshade is a brilliant idea for advertising and marketing your brand. With SCF-D4000, Sunbuster Sun-Shade is the best platform to print your brand’s logo and showcase through your prospect’s car window. It is available in three colours, Blue, White or Black.

A Car Kit

With SCF-1312, 6-piece set of a car kit that includes a mug, coin holder, sunglass visor clip, key light, non-slip pad tire gauge and a drink holder. What a way to spread value and promotion at the same time to and through your prospect. You can imprint your brand’s logo on the pad of the mug.

Conclusive Remark

So, make sure you get these business promotional products to your prospects and spread value and brand awareness at the same time. These products are deemed to be ideal for your automotive clients and customers.

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