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Some information about Poly roof sheet

Smart lighted roofing sheets, or polycarbonate (referred to as poly), they are composed of other plastics such as aromatic polysudium, thermoplastic plus other additives and chemicals.

Poly is a material commonly used in the field of construction with the function of rain cover, heat protection, heat insulation, sound insulation and especially for lightening.

Poly is used in many large projects such as factories, factories, swimming pool roofs, stadiums, awning roofs, roof roofs, used as partitions or garage areas.

Solid poly can also be used in the advertising industry as light boxes, signs, advertising boards.

There are two main types of light-weight Poly roofing sheets: hollow Poly sheet and solid Poly sheet, they have some advantages and disadvantages as follows:

Advantages of Poly roof sheet

This product has many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Superior light ability: Products with light transmittance up to 89% and depending on the thickness and structure of the Poly sheet, light intensity varies. With hollowed-out Poly sheet, the ability to get light is higher than that of solid type.
  • Effective insulation: These Poly sheets are capable of refracting light but do not transmit heat.
  • Sound insulation, good insulation.
  • Fireproof, withstand good weather conditions: The product is resistant to running standard 1b, can resist corrosion by most metals.
  • UV protection: The product is coated with a UV layer to prevent harmful rays affecting human health.
  • Diversity of models and types.
  • Safe for users and easy to apply.

Mica Thanh Buu is a unit specialized in selling reputable Poly panels for lighting

Disadvantages of Poly bright roofing

Besides advantages, light-weight Poly roofing products also have some disadvantages as follows:

The ability to take light is not made of glass

Compared with many other roofing sheets, the Poly sheet has the ability to get better light but it is not made of glass. Because the product incorporates high UV protection functions, the light exposure will be somewhat limited. However, using Poly roof sheet will be much safer and much better than using glass.

Price is higher

With attractive advantages, the product has a higher price than other lighting products on the market. However, they are more durable and can be used for a long time.

Types of light-colored roofing

Currently on the market of Polycarbonate and Composite panels, compared with poly sheets, Composite panels have unequal brightness and higher prices.

Composite panels are usually used for 20 years, they can withstand impact, good strength, not much influenced by the environment, they are not corroded by acids, so they are often used to make roofs, ceilings, retaining walls for factory, factory

Composite roofing sheets are often used in industry, while Polycarbonate roofing sheets are many in domestic use. Currently, Poly has 3 commonly used products: solid poly, hollow poly, corrugated poly.

Special intestine roofsheets

The solid polycarbonate sheet , also known as the dense polycarbonate sheet, is an artificial synthetic resin product capable of passing light like glass but is lighter in weight and more durable than glass.

Can be bent at room temperature, especially capable of bearing very high, and can be soundproof, insulated, effective heat protection.

3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm solid polycarbonate sheets.

Colors: white, transparent, blue, blue.

Intestinal dense poly sheet

Hollow roofing

Hollow polycarbonate sheet , also known as hollow poly sheet, is made up of several layers of air cushion, which effectively insulates without affecting the ability to take specific light.

Hollow poly sheet has a weight bearing capacity not equal to that of solid bowel, the ability to bend is also worse, but they are lighter, help reduce the force for the support frame, can resist fire

Poly hollow sheet

Corrugated poly corrugated roof sheets

Designed similar to classical corrugated iron roofing, they are the perfect product to replace Composite roofing and metal roofing products.

Their design is highly aesthetic, with a variety of colors and thicknesses so customers can choose to suit the intended use.

Still outstanding advantages from taking light, durability and aesthetics, good applications in life especially as awnings, skylights roof …

Polycarbonate corrugated roof sheets

Corrugated roof sheets made of poly square waveforms

Quotation of Poly roofing sheets

How much does roofing cost ? That is the question of many customers. Poly sheets have two types, so their prices are also different, as you can refer to the price list of the following two types.

Empty Poly sheet price

On the market there are many different brands of Poly sheet and each brand has a different price. However, the price of each product is calculated in sheets with a length of 2.1m X 5.8m and depends on each different thickness. Specifically:

  • Brand X – Lite products with thickness 4.5mm, the price is about 1.3 million / piece.
  • Solite brand 5mm thickness, the price is 1.4 million / plate and 6mm thickness, the price is 1.6 million / plate.
  • The Solarlite brand of 5mm length is priced at 1.8 million / plate and 6mm thickness is priced at 2.1 million / plate.
  • Twinlite brand with a length of 5mm costs 2.2 million / plate and a thickness of 6mm costs 2.5 million / plate and a thickness of 10mm costs 3.7 million / plate.

The price of these products varies depending on the brand and their thickness

Poly plate price

With solid Poly sheet, there are two types of smooth and rough when sold will be sold in m2 and the specific price is as follows: With Solarflat with a thickness of 2mm, the price will be 330,000 / m2 and a type with a thickness of 2.8mm, the price is 460,000 / m2, the thickness of 3mm is about 493,000 VND / m2, the thickness of 4mm is 660,000 VND / m2 and the thicker the higher the price. However, when you buy a whole roll, the price will be much cheaper.

The reasons to buy light-colored roofing sheets at Mica Thanh Buu

On the market there are many suppliers of Poly sheet products, but the most chosen name is Mica Thanh Buu because the unit has many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Being a unit operating for many years in this field, it has built a prestigious and professional brand.
  • Products Mica Thanh Buu provided with the best quality, if you buy a product you find not good, will be compensated satisfactorily.
  • Our team of knowledgeable staff will advise you to choose the right product.
  • The price of the product is always consistent and most competitive on the market.
  • Attractive after-sales mode.

Buy Poly Poly roofing sheets at Mica Thanh Buu to ensure the best quality

In short, among the best types of light-colored roofing sheets, it can be said that Poly roofing sheets are the perfect choice for the spaces that need light. If you need to buy Poly sheet or want to learn more and more carefully, please contact us for advice and best support.

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