Recycling Today For a Greener Tomorrow

Are you looking for a trustworthy company to recycle your surplus metals, cars or white goods? VIC Recycling Metals is providing customers with a sustainable way to manage and get the benefit from the recyclable commodities. We will evaluate your waste stream and successfully recycle it for a greener tomorrow. If you need a friendly team of scrap metal recyclers in Seaford, Melbourne to handle your trash, contact the experts at VIC Recycling Metals today and get a quote.

What We Buy?

Most households, businesses, factories and farms have metals and goods that can be recycled and converted to money. Here, at VIC Recycling Metals, we recycle anything from copper pipes, PVC, electrical cables, electric motor, alternator/ starter motor, to car batteries.

We accept all kinds of scrap metal including:

Brass and Bronze
Copper – Millberry, Candy, Domestic
Copper Radiators
Stainless Steel
Scrap Steel
Aluminium Wheels
PVC – Electrical Cables
Aluminium Extrusion Sheeting

Being one of the most well-recognised scrap metal recycling companies in Melbourne and throughout the industry, we offer best competitive rates for your scrap metal materials. We pay top dollar for your scrap metals! We provide these services on one-off or an on-going basis, whatever your scrap metal needs and requirements are.

Call us on 0403 938 119 for current rates. For more information, please visit


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