Rushcutters Health is a boutique fitness studio for all the fitness enthusiasts living in Rushcutters Bay, Potts Point and Edgecliff area. Our gym is located in Rushcutters Bay, NSW, Australia. We offer individualised personal training programs, dietary consultation and complete fitness plans, to suit your goal.

Our fitness programs are focused on four key areas –

Fat Loss Program – Professional dietary analysis, an easy to follow framework for meals and weekly personal training and support.

Strength Program – A unique movement screen allows our team to prescribe functional exercises to suit your specific goal, experience level and help strengthen any muscle imbalance or weaknesses.

Fitness Training – We take a systematic approach to get each individual to his/her optimum fitness level in quickest time frame possible.

Complete Well-being – This training program will increase your energy levels, enhance movement, flexibility and range of motion as well as decrease stress.


l.  Personal Training

a. We offer a weekly personal training plan with a 12-week review and new road map.

b. Strength and Aerobic Training Plans

c. Dietary Analysis and Nutrition Plans

d. We provide members unlimited access to the gym, outdoor small group training and also provide free educational seminars and workshops.

2 Outdoor Group Training

a. We design our group training to be fun-filled and challenging

b. Our focus area is strength, fitness, mobility and balance

c. We focus on motivating and challenging each person and cater from fitness enthusiasts to fitness warriors.

d. Our outdoor small group training focuses on both physical and mental wellbeing so you leave each session feeling great.

Under both these services, we include –

1. 360 Degree Health Assessment Before and After each training program

2. Customised Programs Suitable to Individual Needs and Capabilities

3. Adequate Training and Accountability for your Complete Well Being

4. Analyse Results and Reset Programs to avoid any plateaus.


1. Movement Screen – Body Composition Testing – Health Screen

2. Set Smart Goals – Strength Program – Weekly Training Plan – Nutritional Analysis and Support

3. Weekly Personal Training Based on your Goal

4. Small Group Training Sessions

5. Weekly Checkups and Monitoring the Goal Completion

1. We are not ‘pushy sales people’ like most gyms in our area, and there is no place for generic ‘cookie cutter’ programs over here.

2. All our personal trainers are experienced. They take the time needed to understand each client’s needs and tailor the training program and style to suit you.
3. We are not a franchise. We have different programs options to suit your budget.

4. Our trainers consider your age, lifestyle and injuries to create a unique training program for you.

5. Inspiration, encouragement and motivation play crucial parts in our fitness training, and our trainers support you every step of the way.

Choose Us to achieve a complete health and lifestyle change.


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