If you are looking for best online swimwear manufacturers in Australia, then Nova Swimwear is a best choice for you. All their swimsuits are produced on high grade polyester fabric with polyester lining. They are the most trusted brand of many buyers and retailers for supplying chlorine resistant swimwear and swimsuits and many other. Each style is meticulously designed using unique, vibrant, colourful artwork and finished with reinforced stitching for a more durable fit.

The fabric has superior color fastness and won’t fade with extended use or under sunlight. The soft texture of the fabric ensures a comfortable fit against your skin as well as excellent shape retention, as it moulds to your figure with wear. The suits are also fast drying, making them suitable for daily training regimes.

When purchasing a Nova swimsuit, you are buying a high quality, Australian made, long lasting training swimsuit. Nova Swimwear is designed and produced for the sole purpose of frequent training in chlorinated and salt water. The cut of the suits is designed specifically to fit an athletic figure but is also versatile enough to suit a variety of other body shapes.


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