Lateral is a full service custom software and development house. Established in 1986 we specialise in bespoke applications and software development from our headquarters in Perth, Western Australia.

Cloud Computing Solutions

The Cloud is one of many buzzwords in the IT universe. It seems that everything is in the cloud and that’s where we find more traditional minded people dislike the cloud.

Apple Solutions

At Lateral we are proud to be a member of the Apple Consultants Network. Did you know, Lateral is WA’s first qualified organisation for Mobility Solutions AND Mobility Deployment in the Apple Consultants Network (ACN)? This means that we can help you with developing iPhone and iPad apps, cloud integration and also Enterprise Mobility as a one-stop shop.

Complex Integration Solution

Any workplace that wants to be efficient needs to have correctly integrated systems. If you are running programs that are not integrated, and are disconnected you are not working at your peak capacity since this can cause internal issues.

Modernising Legacy Systems

For lots of businesses legacy systems are the backbone of their operations as they have been in place for decades. With the current pace of technology it’s clear that these old systems are starting to show their age and a legacy system will significantly slow down your business with outdated interfaces.


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