penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, policies and procedures assessment, security compliance services, risk assessment, social engineering

Founded in 1999, Illumant has been at the forefront of Internet and information security since its inception. Illumant was one of the first companies to offer penetration testing and security assessment services to its clients, long before security was little more than an afterthought. Illumant was among the first companies to offer security compliance services as information security standards, laws and regulations started to emerge.

Illumant’s founders graduated from Stanford University with degrees in Engineering and Physics in the earliest stages of the first Internet bubble, with the aim to address the vastly underserved information security arena. Illumant crafted services to help organizations identify security weaknesses in technical infrastructure and security posture to help head off threats before potentially costly security breaches.

Utilizing an arsenal of assessment services spanning internal and external, and technical and organizational perspectives, including:

·         penetration testing

·         vulnerability assessment

·         policies and procedures assessment

·         security compliance services

·         risk assessment

·         social engineering

Illumant has conducted thousands of assessment and compliance engagements, helping over 800 clients protect themselves from cyber-attacks. Illumant has helped companies across all verticals including hospitals, research universities, schools, law firms, utilities, government agencies, cities, counties, tech firms, manufacturing firms, online retailers, oil and gas companies, and financial institutions.


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