A water tank is something that almost every one of us owns or sees at our commercial or residential premises, and it serves the sole need of storing water effectively to make use of it as and when required. Water tanks come a long way from being made of stone blocks where there is a gradual improvement in its quality as there is the need to store clean water and not something that is contaminated.

We at Holmes Water Tanks, a family owned business, understand the need for cleanliness and hygiene when it comes to water tanks. That is where our services on water tank relining in Brisbane comes to your rescue where not matter what type of tank that you own, your water stays safe without being in direct contact with the tank interiors. Being one of the most acclaimed teams for helping out with services on water tank liners in Brisbane, we ensure that everything is perfectly taken care of – right from inspecting the tank that you own to finally checking whether your water is stored safely or not.

Apart from helping out with tank lining, we excel in residential and commercial concrete tank repairs in Brisbane where you do not have to spend money in replacing unless required and witness the tank look just as new after we are done repairing it.

Here are the highlights of the services that we impart.

• Domestic and Commercial tank installation
• Sales and supply of water tanks
• Concrete and steel tank relining
• Repairing and Welding existing damaged tanks
• Tank roof building for better protection


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