We are one of the most outstanding known cleaning businesses in Melbourne. We provide a full range of residence and commercial cleaning services and mattress cleaning happen to be one of them. Our mattress cleaning services in Melbourne are being offered by extremely expert and capable specialists. We guarantee to completely get rid of odors, spots, bed bugs, and other allergens to your bedding. Our mattress cleaners use a variety o f innovative implement to be sure that the last bed bug has been killed.

Our logical prices and more results have won us many clienteles. We do the greatest to offer great level of client happiness with every new product we put on the market. Your mattresses will be skillfully cleaned and ready to use.

At Deluxe Mattress Cleaning Melbourne, our mattress cleaners are fully qualified & expert trained. We are expert in removing sanitize, stains, Dead Skin from the mattress and we use variety of bio-friendly, anti-hazard steam Mattress cleaning solutions. We got many years of experience in the cleaning industry. Our Mattress Cleaners are fully trained, certified and professional.


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  1. We definitely made the right decision of hiring Deluxe Mattress Cleaning for deodorizing my two queen size mattresses and I am very satisfied with their service.


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