Premium school uniforms, staff uniforms, and handmade items for fundraising that come in budget-friendly value packs. With Childcare Uniforms, you can provide quality uniforms with uniform designs for your centre’s staff and school children and at the same time subtly but effectively promote your childcare business.

School uniforms are important for a number of reasons. Promotions aside, schools are able to instill the values they ascribe to among children in their formative years through the wearing of school uniforms. Moreover, in case the child gets lost, school uniforms allow other people to identify the centre and inform the staff of the child’s whereabouts.

Buying school uniforms wholesale for your childcare centre is the most cost-efficient option. is not just a website where you can find information about staff and school uniforms or school fundraising ideas. It is also an online store where you can purchase school uniforms and staff uniforms in bulk and at the fraction of the cost you normally incur. Feel free to browse through our website for more details and look through our available designs.


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