We’re so passionate about our Synthetic Lawn & Artificial Grass products, that we want to share with you all the benefits this product delivers to those who use it. We’re sure you’ll find the same wonderful benefits.

Direct to you, no middle man
We source our products in exceptionally large volumes from the best suppliers around the world and then sell direct to the you, ensuring the best possible price.

Natural versus synthetic lawn
Our premium Artificial Grass – Lush is unbelievably realistic. It has a lush natural look and feel, and is pet and family friendly. It’s extremely durable and virtually maintenance free. Extensively researched and engineered to give a natural and highly durable result that maximises structural integrity and will remain upright when other synthetic grasses flatten over time.

Latest design and technology

We pride ourselves on being the innovators when it comes to the research of synthetic grass surfaces. We have been rigorous in selecting the best synthetic turf from the best manufacturers around the world – we don’t limit our research to just one place.

We stay in touch with the best manufacturers around the globe ensure we stay attuned to the latest developments. Our experienced team have worked with landscaper and designers to create the most real to life surfaces available.

Best product on the market
We undertake extensive research and testing of all our products to ensure we provide premium quality lawn that last the distance. All our lawns are double-backed, utilising advanced technology coating facilities.

The tufting is the most realistic, ensuring precise grass specifications such as height, gauge and density. UV stabilisers are added to reduce colour fade, ensuring your lawn retains its colour year after year.

Heavy metal chemical free
All our artificial grass and synthetic lawns are subjected to heavy-metal testing to prove the environmental capability of our product. We avoid the use of any heavy metals and testing is carried out to ensure all our artificial grass and synthetic lawns are heavy-metal and lead free.

Great fun for the kids
Synthetic lawn works wonderfully with children, providing a great surface for them the play on. You’re worries will be gone about them digging holes in the lawn, or having areas where they can get too muddy.

Our product development ensures that the strongest product is made, allowing for rough children to go crazy on the surface without any stress to the artificial grass .

Pet friendly
Our artificial grass and synthetic lawns are friendly with pets that you may have. It is easy to clean when soiled, as it only needs to be washed down with a hose.

The product is also highly durable and works effectively under the duress of pets running around on top of it.

No maintenance
Synthetic lawn is virtually maintenance free, and is a perfect replacement for traditional lawn. No longer will you need to spend time mowing and watering the lawn, saving you both time and money.

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