Ordering school supplies every year is a tedious and boring process. It could make you feel exhausted before you source every single item in the list. Most parents despite going through the tedious sourcing process fail to get the fullest benefits because they do not try different sourcing strategies but go with the only know approach of buying the school supplies from the online retail store.

Many parents stay away from the wholesale store while sourcing their school supplies and if asked why they say, what do we do with the surplus that we would be left with when we buy from a wholesale store. If that is the only concern that you have with regard to wholesale school supplies, then you need not worry, we will help you have that addressed, just read on.

Of course the only way you can access the wholesale prices for school supplies is by meeting the minimum order requirements of the wholesale store. In order to meet that requirement you should order at least one full case per item. For example, if you are going to order wholesale backpacks each case will contain 24 backpacks. All that you need is one or two or a maximum of three backpacks for your needs and what do you do with the remaining? You can resell the backpacks to parents like you and make money. There is a huge potential here. Retail backpacks for kids cost $25 or $30 and the same backpack could be purchased for $3 per piece in the wholesale market. Even if you are going to sell the backpacks for $20, parents would find it cheap and you would be making a huge profit. Whatever you earn during this season could be used to purchase the other school supplies for your kids.

In case you should choose to store the backpacks for your future use like some parents then still it is beneficial. You have saved money not only for this year but also for the future years. Moreover, you do not have to worry even if the prices are going to go high the next year because your backpacks cost is frozen for the next couple of years.

Moreover, as you are not required to shop for the backpack next year again, you will be saving time as well. If you could do the same with all the other school supplies then you are saving both time and money. These benefits are good enough for someone to consider ordering their school supplies from a wholesaler.

In case you are planning to sell the backpacks that you purchase from a wholesaler make sure your order arrives well in advance so that you can start marketing the backpacks and other school supplies right before the season starts so that word spreads to attract more customers to buy your backpacks locally. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, order your backpacks and other school supplies from other wholesalers.


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