Do you feel like your household lacks an edge? The edge that lifts it to a higher level of sophistication and elegance? Well, creating a sophisticated home with some stunning visuals takes a lot of patience and time (especially as a beginner) but if you’re looking to give your house that ultimate makeover, look no more. Here are some of the easiest touches you could make to give your personal space that wow factor in no time.

Layering Textures

Supported by the experts, this technique involves taking things of the same color range (for example, picking a range of earthy, brown tones) but applying it in different textures (from a silk rug to a wooden cupboard) and placing them all in one room to give a rich feel. Contrary to how it may seem, this doesn’t really scream for attention but is rather minimalistic.

Use Meaningful Objects

It doesn’t all have to be about matching patterns and color schemes. Sometimes the best thing to bring to the room would be something that has a little story to it- something personal that has value to you. This will give your room a little more soul and depth.

Decorate Your Windows

Don’t overlook your windows- this is the perfect opportunity to pick out material that will reflect the creativity and atmosphere of your room itself, adding that finishing touch. Consider using Roman blinds Melbourne to give your house that elegant and timeless look. With their sleek appearance, they create a soft, comfortable atmosphere and is also quite easy to operate, cheaper and cleaner to maintain! You can choose from an array of these blinds to see which ones match your room best.

Mixing Antique and Modern

If you have an antique object in your room such as a cabinet or cupboard, this is a great opportunity to give your room an additional playful touch using a more modern, bold piece. You may think it won’t work but it is, in fact, a happy marriage between two different time periods that end up giving your space a rather contemporary yet elegant look.

Handmade Pieces

Adding an original, handmade piece (take your pick from curtains to tables) will give the room an undeniable feeling of warmth. You can also play with textures using the rest of the décor in the room to make these woodsy, authentic pieces pop.

Pay Attention to Your Ceiling

If fixtures were jewelry, this is where your statement piece will be showcased. Instead of going for a heavy look (like drooping chandeliers), choose a more modern and unique ceiling light fixture. This will give your room an artsy and refreshing look that your guests will undoubtedly notice as soon as they walk in.

These are just a few ways you can elevate your space to give it that added flair. It often comes down to the beauty in simple things so don’t try to go over the top. Work on giving your house a comfortable flow with little pops of sophistication and elegance.

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