Tips to Choose the Best Wardrobes for Your Home

“Buy less, choose well, make it last”; the quote is no longer valid now. Today, you need special clothes for every occasion. The more you buy, the bigger the space you need for storing the stuff.

Having a wardrobe that suits your storing needs and adds a value to the house as well would be a difficult job. You need to prepare well.

Each wardrobe is designed with a particular purpose. Hence, you need to check the specifications and match with your requirements.

One that matches the most is the ideal wardrobe. If you want to become proficient in choosing a wardrobes, then read the blog.


Wardrobe can be either made by a carpenter or it is a modular one that comes in standard size.

The wardrobes that are made by carpenters can be made according to the style, space or design given by the client.

Modular wardrobes are factory-made, and they are available in standard designs, style, and size. The choices of color and finish are limited.

On the other hand, carpenter-made wardrobes are not limited in designs and specs.


You must check storage capacity while selecting a wardrobe. Experts suggest that one should take a paper and pencil to assess the storage requirements.

When you have to pay for every cubic inch of space, it is always wise to be calculative.

Don’t overexert. Make realistic calculations about the number of clothes and type when you choose the wardrobe size and design.

Fundamentally, there are three basic storage types.

  • Hanging options
  • Drawers
  • Shelves

Size of wardrobes, number of drawers and shelves, and separate storage rack for footwear; everything should be noted.


What are dimensions? They are the length, width, and depth of the wardrobe.

The standard depth is 24 inches. However, you can choose less or more depending on your need and space availability.

More than 24 inches of depth makes the wardrobe inconvenient. Less than 24 inches means you have less storage space.

There is no standard height of the wardrobe for that matter. You can have it up to the ceiling or less; depending on your preference.

Inner sections can be made as per your storage preferences.

If you don’t make wardrobe up to the ceiling, then you may have an open overhead area to store larger stuff. Some people don’t prefer open space as it accumulates dust and looks shabby.

These tips will help in choosing the best wardrobe for your home.

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