Guests care about the environmental credentials of their in-room amenities which is why demand for ‘green’ products has never been higher.

Swisstrade Director Peter Weingartner was thrilled to speak with Accom news magazine editor Kate Jackson recently for their summer 2019 edition feature to find out more about how to embrace the trend towards sustainable amenities.

How to choose environmentally friendly guest bathroom toiletries?

When choosing environmentally sustainable amenity solutions, it is important to look for internationally accredited and reputable trademarks that guarantee ecological values, ethically sound manufacturing processes and sustainably sourced ingredients. The following symbols represent internationally recognised organisations and should be printed and well visible on the packaging of eco-friendly amenities and other hotel cosmetics:

EU EcoLabel
Nordic EcoLabel

What symbols / numbers denote that packaging is recyclable?

The same applies for recyclable materials used in packaging which are indicated by plastic resin codes. In most cases this is represented by a chasing arrow symbol surrounding a number between 1 and 7 which identifies the type of plastic resin used to manufacture the item. In the below case, #1 identifies PET plastic, which is often used in the packaging of hotel toiletries.

How do you choose Guest amenities with natural or organic ingredients whilst still offering a luxurious guest experience?

The choice of offering organic, natural or simply put, eco-friendly toiletries does not reduce the quality of the product or make the guest experience less luxurious or memorable. On the contrary, the advancement of science and technology in hotel cosmetics today allow us to offer premium and luxury brands that harnesses the benefits of natural ingredients to create hair and skincare products that deliver premium results. A good example is the world’s leading spa brand ELEMIS, which is now available in the all-new fragrance, White Lotus & Lime. Read More…

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