With the increasing popularity of sustainable energy source such as solar energy, more research is happening in the niche.

People are exploring new, innovative and more efficient ideas of using solar energy in the domestic and industrial environment.

A new concept of using an integrated solar glass shingle for roofing is on everybody’s mind. Popularly called BIPV or Building Integrated Photo voltaic cells, it is an ideal solution for those who get adequate sunlight throughout the year.

The idea of using solar panels on the roof directly is quite useful and practical because it saves the expenses of installing a solar panel on the roof.

Thus, you get the protective benefits of a roof and the capacity of generating solar energy for your home. Moreover, it solves the aesthetic concerns about installing solar panels.

You don’t need to install solar panels separately

Since the solar roof has integrated solar energy generation system, there is no need for installing the panels separately.

The cost for roofing increases which is quite natural. Still, people prefer it because there is no need for duplicating the efforts; for installation of the roof and solar panels.

Why is the need for using solar panels as a roof directly? It is because in many cases, people delay or cancel the plan of installing solar panels just because they don’t want to compromise on the looks of their home.

Sometimes, they don’t have time to install a solar energy unit separately.

The idea of having a roof that acts like a solar panel is ideal.

Does it look different?

Well, one can figure out that the roof is an integrated solar energy generation unit. However, it is possible to create such a seamless panel design that makes it difficult for people to identify that it is a solar panel.

Several research projects are being carried out by researchers worldwide to make it more user-friendly, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasant.

The costing of the solar roof is a matter of concern as on today. However, with more advanced products are being introduced by solar panel manufacturers; the prices become more affordable.

Undoubtedly, solar energy will become the only sustainable energy in the coming decades.  By making optimal use of it, one can make the electricity bill zero.

Not only that, one can earn money by selling excess power to the grid. Thus, the cost recovery happens in a shorter time than expected.

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