Building a new tiled patio isn’t a beginner’s task. It has many steps and requires the right decision-making, otherwise, the whole project can be jeopardized! However, if you follow these simple steps, you’ll end up with a gorgeous tiled patio perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities. Here’s what to consider.

Choose your tiles

No matter the project, finding the right tiles for your patio’s design is not a hard task. There are many types of tiles from ceramics to stone, but what you want in your tile material is durability, minimal to zero-absorbency and slip resistance. Natural materials like slate, limestone, and quartzite are all great options. They look amazing when surrounded by greenery, they are abrasive enough to prevent slipping and are durable and weather-resistant. Plus, they come in many different colors and patterns! Visit a specialized outdoor tile store and you’ll surely find your perfect match.

Build a concrete base

If you want to have a functional and durable patio, you need to build a solid concrete slab base. If you already have that part taken care of, you’re in luck, because it will save you some serious work. However, before you start tiling your old concrete base, make sure to inspect it thoroughly. Check for cracks, crumbling, holes and the pitch of the slab. Cracks and other damage can cause your tiles to break and crumbling will cause your entire structure to deteriorate. Also, your slab should be pitched away from your home to prevent water pooling at your foundation and causing water damage to your home.

Get adhesives

Proper adhesives are a huge part of building a functional and beautiful patio. You want to buy just the right kind for your project so that your tiles can hold tight for years and years. Your safest bet is to find a well-equipped home improvement store with experienced staff who will give you great advice on the products that you need and how to mix and use them.

Create a layout

Once you have all your materials, you still can’t just start laying tiles willy-nilly! There’s no way your tile placement will look right when you’re done. What you need to do is create a grid or consult with experts to find the right design. For instance, pros from Think Outside Gardens can provide you with a complete design plan and material suggestions! This will ensure you get a beautiful, durable and functional final result. Plus, if this project requires an application to the council, these experts can submit concept plans for construction and prepare all the necessary documentation.

Don’t forget the grout

One of the final steps towards having a perfect tiled patio is grouting or filling the space between tiles. Proper grout will help keep dirt and debris from getting between and under your tiles and it will also add extra rigidity and strength to your patio. Choose from sanded, unsanded and epoxy grout and follow the steps. Grouting isn’t a super complicated process as long as you have the right materials and tools!

Seal your work

Outdoor tiles, just like the indoor ones, often need to be sealed to protect your tiles from stains and moisture. This is especially important in colder climates where freezing of water between and under the tiles can cause cracks and fast deterioration. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are usually pre-sealed, but the stone isn’t. If you don’t know how and whether you need to seal your tiles, read the manufacturers recommendations and you’ll get all the info you need.

Having a tiled patio will not only add style and comfort to your backyard, but also offer you extra safety and better functionality. Once you finish your patio, all you need to do is get some cozy seating and drinks and you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work!

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