Inspiring your interiors with ‘nature’ is in vogue. Today, moss walls have generated great interest, especially within the corporate sector, as it brings a taste of the outdoors in, and generates a calming and indeed mysterious effect. This is now the latest design trend which has hooked millennials.

Yet, interior designing is not something to be taken lightly. Often, you land up with poor quality moss and inferior installations which produce a disorderly look and degrades, rather than enhances the entire space. The opposite of what you want! Therefore, at that moment when you might become overwhelmed with which is quality, and which is not, here’s how you can get it right.

Do your homework well:

1. Thoroughly check samples!

A common mistake is to check only samples of moss. However; checking mere samples won’t really cut it. To be absolutely sure, ask to see plenty of photos of completed projects. You see, moss walls are truly made from the stuff which grows on rocks. Your moss wall should look fresh, green, soft for many years to come, even after it has been touched by many hands. It is enticing and soft to touch, meaning many visitors will do just that. Touching the moss is part of the intrigue, and the moss needs to be installed with this in mind. You certainly need to see samples to provide an initial understanding of the moss, but before making a decision, check photos of how the moss will look after the completed installation.

2. Quality and testimonials

Get a detailed idea about the quality and installation process so that there are no regrets. Look for Moss that is imported from Europe, rather than China. Clients will appreciate the option to choose Moss that is installed with Low VOC’s. This includes the materials of the backing boards and the glue used to install Moss. Read More…

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