Electric and manual wheelchairs are great equipment to move someone with a mobility issue. It gives priceless independence and comfort to the users. Due to its popularity, it is known as the safest way to move.

However, the power wheelchair can go wrong if you are not alert. We are glad to share some safety tips for the users of power wheelchairs. These tips will help to avoid falls and injuries.

Quick Guide to Stay Safe for Power Wheelchair Users

People with a disability use a variety of mobility equipment like knee support brace. While we always use the tools carefully, these tips will keep you smarter and safer.

1.       Add Attraction Elements

This is important if you are using a power wheelchair in the streets and parking lots. There will be many people around you. Hence, it is safe to add small lights, horns or reflective stickers to catch the attention of others.

2.       Keep Away from the Stairs

Always keep your wheelchair away from the stairs. This will help in preventing dashing with others who are using stairs. If you are using a platform or porch lift at home, try to keep it away from the stairs. Always try to stay away from the stairs.

3.       Get Regular Maintenance

The wheelchair is important equipment for your safe movement. Get regular maintenance to ensure that it is functioning properly. Do not ignore or delay any repair work.

4.       Avoid Uneven Roads

Try to avoid tricky and uneven roads with your wheelchair. Perhaps this is the best way to prevent falls and tumbling. Use only good roads even if takes longer time.

5.       Use Right Quality Product

Consult your doctor for the right kind of wheelchairs for sale. Make sure you are able to operate it without any hassles. Do not compromise on quality for cheap wheelchair and cheap mobility scooters for sale.

Always be careful about your safety while you are using a power wheelchair in public places. If you recently recovered from an injury, use safety boots. South West Mobility offers high-quality braces and moon boot Sydney. Visit us or call for a free demonstration.

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